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ANNUAL REPORT Charitable Organization “Teachers for Democracy and Partnership” 2014


Charitable Organization “Teachers for Democracy and Partnership”



Charitable Organization “Teachers for Democracy and Partnership”

Registration # 0830-2002, June 19, 2002


Organization formed to provide charitable activity to support science and education development.


Our Mission


We are united by ideas of democracy and social partnership, contributing to the development of civil society through coordinated work of a team of professionals and efficient use of available resources and modern techniques, and act for the sake of Ukraine’s educational space renaissance.


      Major objectives of the Organization’s activity:

-          Fund raising among individuals and legal entities to provide material and technical resources needed for the Organization’s goals implementation;

-          Promoting integration of Ukrainian teachers into international educational community;

-          Promoting development of educational methods and programs aimed at teachers’ qualification improvement and introduction of personality-oriented education and development; as well as implementation of the above programs through participation in provision of trainings, seminars and conferences on free-of charge basis, and educational materials and textbooks development;

-          Promoting creation of Teachers’ Training Center for the sake of integrating civil and legal education into the curriculum and training teachers in interactive and innovative methods of work with students as well as developing techniques for the school/community/local authority partnership;

-          Promoting development, implementation and up-dating of a Web-site and an Informational Release for teachers of Ukraine covering modern approaches to democratic, tolerant and personality-oriented education and development;

-          Promoting partnership and cooperation development between schools and museums of Ukraine;

-          Participating in planning, organizing and holding summer-time schools, camps, field seminars etc. on civil development, leadership, tolerance, teachers’ self-governance, communication skills etc.; 

-          Promoting development of programs on social protection and legal education for teachers, their employment, professional and personal growth;

-          Promoting village schools development;

-          Promoting implementation of the legal educational program “Practical Law”;

-          Promoting science and education development, scientific and educational programs implementation, providing charitable support to teachers, scientists, students, pupils, talented young people;

-          Promoting practical implementation of national, regional, local and international programs that match the Organization’s activity goals;

-          Promoting regular publications and editions on education, personal development, management and other issues that fall within By-laws of the Organization;

-          Improving well-being of charitable support recipients;

-          Providing support to citizens who suffered from natural, environmental and industrial disasters or in result of social conflicts and accidents, to the victims of repressions and refugees;

-          Promoting cultural development, including national cultural development programs implementation, as well as promoting general population access, particularly deprived populations’, to the cultural legacy and fine arts;

-          Promoting safeguarding and preservation of cultural legacy, historical cultural environment, objects of historical and cultural value, cemeteries;

-          Providing support for development of the publishing, mass media and informational infrastructure;

-          Promoting development of nature conservation resources and nature preservation activities.


 The Organization Activities Description

Project «Education for Sustainable Development in Action 2»

(January - December 2014)


The  primary objective of the project is to contribute to environmental awareness, resource use  reduction and participatory citizenship by engaging youth and adults in action programs.


The project builds on an earlier TDP-GAP project that has produced highly successful results (ESDA1).


Planned activities and goals

2014 has not been an easy year For  Ukraine and Ukrainian people. Nonetheless we have successfully carried out almost all the planned activities, with results greater than those projected. We are glad and touched to see the power of civil society and ‘ordinary’ people under an unstable political and economic situation. We are proud to be change agents in this transformation by empowering Our participants. Each of them is making a difference.


Component  1: Advocacy

Organize and participate in national and international events

• The national conference was held on 10-11 October in Lviv. 150 teachers from 13 oblasts attended the

conference. It included official plenaries, workshops, and Open Space format discussions; as well as a working meeting with the regional coordinators, and a professional development session for trainers/


Build partnerships

• To establish partnerships in the area of Education for  Sustainable Development (ESD) meetings were held with a number of NGOs involved in environmental education, namely, the Living Planet, Let’s Make Ukraine Clean Initiative, and the Warm City

• TDP signed a collaboration agreement with the NGO ‘Living Planet’

• A number of the project staff took part in the ‘Environment--‐2014’ forum, which included round-table discussions on collaboration between businesses, government and NGOs in the area of sustainable development and, specifically sustainable development of communities.

• A working meeting was held on 12 March 2014 in Zhytomyr with an action group consisting of epresentatives from Zhytomyr  higher education institutions to discuss a joint project to promote sustainable development of the region.

• From 30  October to 3 November, a joint event with a discussion of the environmental standards of

Educational services Zelenyy klas was held by several organizations including 'Living Planet', TDP, national parks, and schools.

• Partnership was established with the UNDP project Transforming the Market forEfficient Lighting for a common event


Present outcomes, findings and impact in international fora

• The academic advisor for the Ukrainian ESDA project, professor Olena Pometun, took part in the 9th Meeting of the Executive Committee of UNECE on education for sustainable development that was held on 4 April 2014 in Geneva

• A meeting of the Eastern Partnership countries was held on 6 May in Tbilisi, Georgia, under the  program Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighbourhood. The project’s academic advisor Olena Pometun took part in the meeting as a member of the Ukrainian delegation

• The coordinators of the ESDA project held a meeting with U.S. Embassy representatives on 25 June at

The Information and Education Aarhus Centre. It  included project coordinators Galyna Gupan, Igor Suschenko and Raffi Balian, the director of the Embassy’s Regional Bureau of Environment, Science, Technologies and Healthcare and other employees of the Regional Bureau. The U.S. Embassy expressed an interest in the resource conservation program which is an integral part of the

ESDA project


Organize regional and national events

• 8 round tables were held in the 8 new oblasts

• 1 Learning for Change workshop is planned in December

• 3 regional methodologist conferences were held in August and September and  3 more are planned in



Results beyond plan

National events: additional to the planned project activities, at the regional In-Service Teacher Training

Institutes the following events took place:

• 21 presentation workshops on ESD (for different categories of teachers, school directors and their deputies, preschool teachers – a total of 567 persons)

• 23 motivation lectures about ESD (a total of 474 persons attended)

• 186 teachers and school directors shared their experiences and best practices at 6 round table events


Component 2: School and Youth Program


Obtained Results


Testing of material


The pilot Lessons for Sustainable Development for grades 1‐2 was completed. It involved 28 schools from 3 obasts: Mykolaiv, Kyiv and Kharkiv. The teaching and learning materials were formally approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MoES). The pre-school curriculum Materials  were piloted at preschools in 5 regions of Ukraine (cities of Zhytomyr,Lugansk, Odessa, Kharkiv and Kyiv) involving 27 preschool teachers.

On 16 January 2014, a round table entitled Experimental work of integrating the course (Planet’s Friends School) for grades 1-2 was held in Mykolaiv.  20 teachers participated. Proposals for improvements were collected. On21 May 2014, a meeting regarding the integration of the ESD course into Practice  of pre-school institutions was held in Zhytomyr. 20 teachers participated.


Print and publish materials

• 15 000 manuals for pupils of grades 1-2

 • 500  methodological manuals for teachers grades 1-2

• 1 000 sets of learning materials for pre-schoolers

• 5 000 additional copies of manuals for grade 3-4 and 9 students


Produce video materials

• Selected video materials have been posted on the project's web site for downloading and demonstration

• 1 000 CDs have been made for those without online access


Schools and pupils are supported to use the online reporting system

• Classes involved in the ESDA project completed the process of uploading the data on their resource consumption into the online reporting system

• The system in the first term of 2014 contains information from 357 education establishments in 14 participating regions. Based on the results,  the weekly amountof garbagewas reduced by 18%; water consumption went down by 11%; and electricity use was down by 9.7%.

• A new school year, and statistical period, began in September


Professional training for educators

34 trainings were held for teachers of grades 8-9 and 3-4.

A total of 855 teachers of primary and basic school were trained in 14 regions of Ukraine.

In August 25 trainings for teachers 1-2 grades and 3-4 grades, master teachers of 5-7 grades. 668 teachers from middle and elementary schools in 12 regions were trained.

 A five-day training was carried out for teacher trainers between 11 and 15  of May 2014. The first part of the training was dedicated to the grades 1-2 course and the second part was about The  Delivery  of the extra--‐curricular ESD course

25 trainers from 13 regions of Ukraine mastered the teaching methods to teach the new grade 1-2 course and delivered trainings for future teachers of this course

15 trainers from 8 regions of Ukraine were trained about the methods to deliver extra-curricular activities based on the extra-curricular ESD course for grades 5-7


Results beyond plan


Additional teacher training

• Held two additional trainings for elementary school teachers and master teachers (Kyiv, Piryatin) during which 34 teachers were trained. All trainings were cover in facebook page of the project, project website and OIPPO websites

• Held four courses for teachers who were interested but not included in the project


Seminars and lectures

• Presentational seminars Of  ESD (teachers of different categories, vice-principals, school principals, pre-school teachers – 100 people)

• 7 Informational lectures (173 people)

• Informational  lectures/presentation were conducted at 15 meetings, educational seminars and  round tables. More than 478 workers of education from 12 regions were involved and got to learn about the project’s courses and ESD principals


Activities connected with the Sustainable School Award

• Sponsorship with business. In partnership with the Aarhus Centre the work has started To  involve sponsors to offer the Award schools material prizes (a list of preferred prizes were compiled based on

the needs of individual schools to support further steps towards sustainability)

• 6 educational institutions received material prizes (according to need; for example: package of energy saving light bulbs, garbage sorting bins, moneysaving water tap)

 • Actions for receiving letter of supporting of the next stage of contest from Ministry of Education are

Taken (from institute of innovational technologies and changing of education)


Component 3: Adult EcoTeam Program


Obtained Results


Developed and published 2 000 copies of books for EcoTeam members to be used in 2014. These books were delivered to Ivano-Frankivsk on 12  May 2014


142 coaches were recruited during April--‐October, 75 more in October-November. About 50% of those people who were early EcoTeam members later applied to become coaches and to participate in the training.


Six trainings for EcoTeam coaches took place during May--‐October 2014.

One of these trainings was conducted on additional request of project school in Kyiv region (village of Khotiv). TDP volunteered trainers and EcoTeam workbooks; the school donated meals for participants and stationery.


Community Events:

A Fair of Ideas: Ivano--Frankivsk on its way to Sustainable Development was held on the main square of Ivano--‐Frankivsk on 7 June 2014. During the Fair, EcoTeam participants shared their experience and practices with residents of the city and invited them to take part in the program. A total of 350 people took part in the Fair. The event activities included  e changing scrap paper for apples and used batteries for carrots. Visitors had an opportunity to measure their ecological footprint. The organizers and volunteer EcoTeam members conducted numerous mini--‐classes on making useful things out of waste materials, interpreting eco--‐labels on goods, shared tips on how to use resources and spend household budget efficiently. At the Fair organic food was offered. The Fair was supported by the city administration and education department, and attracted more than twenty journalists.


EcoTeams meet and take action

108 coaches started their EcoTeams during May--‐October 2014. 25% went on to start   a second EcoTeam; and about 15%  of coaches have  at the moment  their third and fourth EcoTeams.


During the first nine months of 2014, 142 EcoTeams were started in which more than 700 people took part and reported results.


Results beyond plan

After research, editing and writing of EcoTeam books in 2013,  2014 has entered the second phase of recruiting EcoTeam members and coaches, as well as disseminating  the program.  The EcoTeam program turned out to be very timely, eliciting a significant response from people in different regions. It was planned  to conduct maximum four trainings during 2014 but the total for the year will be nine; the  demand is much bigger than expected. TDP received several requests from other regions of Ukraine for program dissemination from local schools, official bodies, NGOs and activists.

We also achieved much more than planned at the community event on 7 June. It was reported by more than 20 media and raised great awareness among people  about sustainability, our project and environment. A short video of participants was also made.


Financial  data

During  the year was:


4008183,00 SEK


3065854,02  SEK



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